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A short biography of Mora twins

In this page I will write a short bio of me and my brother. This is a first draft. We are twins and we both are addicted to technology:
Marco is more "creative", he loves to create websites and VR experiences, he can stay hours and hours in front of the pc trying to understand how to do something, but he lose the focus when he has to keep things alive after the first energy sprint. He is the person behind Mora-byte in this first version.
Andrea is more "pratical", he is really good to keep concentrated even months or years after a project has been released. He is still updating our tutorials website, and helps Marco to keep focused in the graphic and "artistic" part, working behind the scenes to provide the content.

Our story in the electronic starts many years ago, we both work in a shop where we provide electronic assistance in computers and smartphones. We also give suggestions and consultings to people in struggle with technology. We were webmaster way before social network, we are the webmaster of a free italian website with three millions of views, that provides tutorial for Gimp and photography. We help people to use technology and its magic tools since ever.

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