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8-stage shift-and-store bus register

the cd4094 is an 8-stage serial shift register. it has a storage latch associated with each stage for strobing data from the serial input to parallel buffered 3-state outputs qp0 to qp7. the parallel outputs may be connected directly to common bus lines. data is shifted on positive-going clock transitions. the data in each shift register stage is transferred to the storage register when the strobe (str) input is high. data in the storage register appears at the outputs whenever the output enable (oe) signal is high.

two serial outputs (qs1 and qs2) are available for cascading a number of cd4094 devices. serial data is available at qs1 on positive-going clock edges to allow high-speed operation in cascaded systems with a fast clock rise time. the same serial data is available at qs2 on the next negative going clock edge. this is used for cascading cd4094 devices when the clock has a slow rise time.

it operates over a recommended vdd power supply range of 3v to 15v referenced to vss (usually ground). unused inputs must be connected to vdd, vss, or another input.

  • main features product

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  • wide supply voltage range from 3v to 15v

  • fully static operation

  • 5v, 10v, and 15v parametric ratings

  • standardized symmetrical output characteristics

  • specified from -40℃ to 105℃

  • packaging information: dip16/sop16/tssop16

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