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dual monostable multivibrator

the cd4528 is a dual retriggerable-resetable monostable multivibrator. each multivibrator has an active low input (na()), and active high input (nb), an active low clear direct input (ncd()), an output (nq) and its complement (nq()), and two external timing component connecting pins (ncext, always connected to ground, and nrext/cext).

an external timing capacitor (cext) must be connected between ncext and nrext/cext and an external resistor (rext) must be connected between nrext/cext and vdd. the output pulse duration is determined by the external timing components cext and rext. a high-to-low transition on na() when nb is low or a low-to-high transition on nb when na() is high produces a positive pulse (low-high-low) on nq and a negative pulse (high-low-high) on nq() if the ncd() is high. a low on ncd() forces nq low, nq() high and inhibits any further pulses until ncd() is high.

it operates over a recommended vdd power supply range of 3v to 12v referenced to vss (usually ground). unused inputs must be connected to vdd, vss, or another input.

  • main features product

  • product documents

  • wide supply voltage range from 3v to 12v

  • fully static operation

  • 5v and 10v parametric ratings

  • standardized symmetrical output characteristics

  • specified from -40℃ to 85℃

  • packaging information: dip16/sop16/tssop16

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