The website of my Virtual Reality project:

Hi, my name is Marco, welcome to my website. I'm Italian, and I'm a technology enthusiast since I can remember. In the last months I've worked on a VR experience for Virtual Reality Headsets called Missiles Expo VR. It is designed for VR, but works on traditional monitors too in any Windows computer with some graphic power. This is my first finished VR Project, but I really hope that I'll be able to create more and more VR experiences in the future in my spare time, that is always less than I'd like.
I love to create websites using only a NotePad, I love 3d modeling, I love Virtual Reality. In fact I've been a geek for all my life, but I want to be short on this because, if you are interested, here you can read the page about me, my twin, and my story.

Missiles Expo VR:

Missiles Expo Thumbnail

Missiles Expo VR is a "virtual museum", a showroom where you can take a look at twelve of the most iconic missiles that made the hystory of mankind. Every missile is in real size. The showroom is a path that starts from smaller air-to-air missiles, to the biggest space vectors, with some historical rockets in the middle.

Missiles Expo VR is a free experience that is designed for VR, but can also be run on a traditional monitors. Due to the limitations of traditional displays the sense of hugeness is very limited, so I highly recommend you to use a virtual reality HMD, but I don't want to limit you in any way. Missiles Expo is designed for Windows Computers and has been developed in Unreal Engine.

I've dedicated a lot of time and work to create this demo, but it is freely available to anyone. I've also decided to make my website free from any kind of advertising. If you liked my work, you could consider to buy me a coffee or a beer ❤, it would be really appreciated.

A couple of screenshots:

Next you can see a couple of low resolution screenshots, just to understand what we're talking about. If you want to see more images at higher resolution, you can visit the Missiles Expo section of the website, where you'll also find a longer description of the project.

Main Entrance. V1, The flying bomb.

Currently Missiles Expo VR is finished and released. I already have some ideas to improve it, but I think that it will not be published in the short term. I have less free time than I would. Anyway feel free to send me any advice or feedback about Missiles Expo VR, it would be amazing to hear what you think, but don't expect modifications or updates soon. Every suggestion will be considered for a future version.

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