Privacy Policy

To be clear: We really value your privacy. This website doesn't use cookies. We don't track you, there is no advertising, no third party partners, no analytics, no counter, we don't store anything about you only because you have visited our website.

What information do we collect:

The only personal information we could collect is your email address, but only in the case you decide to write us something. Any other personal information that you could write in the e-mail such as your name, address, phone number or anything else could be stored.

How we use your personal informations

The data we would have about you, are used only for answer your mail and will be stored only for improve our relationship with you. We will never use this informations outside our customer care. We don't share or sell informations.

Protection of personal information

Mora-Byte will keep the mail you send us in the cloud of Google, as we use Gmail as provider. The password is strong, and I bet that Google will keep servers safe. Google is also known for analyze the emails, so if you are a privacy paranoid simply don't write nothing valuable, or use a Temporary email. We don't care: if you want to stay anonymous we will understand. Here you can read the google privacy policy. You can also write us to ask at any time to delete any data we have about you.

Third-Party Sites and Services

We don't have any third-Party partner or service on our website. If you will buy our applications in a store, be sure to read the privacy policy of that store before create an account.

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