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In this page we are simply asking for your help. You can support us in many ways: a simple message of appreciation, help us to grow speaking or writing about us, or consider a donation. If you'll help us it would be really appreciated, but don't worry this website will always be free and without registration.

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I've decided that I don't want to add advertising on the website. I prefer to give you the best experience, with a fast loading website without any hassle. I really think that my work would be more appreciated without advertising, and if you really like it, there are other ways to thank me, as explained above.

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Feel free to write us an email, even only to say hello. You can visit the "contact us" section of the website to see how to stay in touch with us.
Like every website, the more links there are to our URL, the more we will be visible. So, if you liked my work, please consider to link mora-byte writing something about us on a forum or a group where you are subscribed. It would be really appreciated.

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