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A VR experience by Mora-byte:

Missiles Expo VR is a "virtual showroom" of the most iconic missiles built by mankind. It is developed in Unreal Engine©, specifically for Virtual Reality headsets. Even if Missiles Expo has been developed for head mounted displays, it perfectly work also on traditional monitors, but consider that the sense of hugeness is extremely compromised without VR. At the moment Missiles Expo can be run only on Windows computer.
Missiles Expo has been tested only with an Oculus Rift, due to a lack of other platforms. I'm pretty sure it would work with any Windows Reality or Steam VR device, if you'd write me to make me know if it really works, it would be amazing. If you'd have any problem with movement, you can also use directional arrows or WASD buttons on your keyword, using the mouse for the direction.

Missiles Expo is completely free, you can download and run it without pay anything, even if a little donation ❤ would be really appreciated.

Disclaimer: At the bottom of the page there is a box, that looks like this, where I explain why it's a .exe file.

More in depth Missiles Expo VR is an exposition of twelve of the most iconic missiles ever built, in realistic scale and high details. It starts from relatively small air-to-air missiles, to the largest vectors ever built by mankind in the Space Race years. In the middle there are also some of the most famous rockets as the V1 and the V2, and also the atomic bomb.

Screenshot 01: Missiles Showroom - Starting hall

The missiles are arranged in order of size, from the smallest to the largest, and are placed on a cool but minimal environment, both for focalize the attention on the 3D models of the missiles and also for recall the feelings of the movie "Tron" and, more in general, the style of the great 80's and 90's.

Originally Missiles Expo were designed to work only in VR because, on a traditional monitor, it is impossible to feel the hugeness of the largest rockets that are available in the second part of Missiles Expo VR, but then I changed my mind and I've released it for traditional displays, but believe me when I say that with a VR HMD it's way better.

Screenshot 02: Missiles Expo VR rocket - Description stand

Every missile comes with a "reading stand", that contains some historical and technical informations about the missile. You can freely look around every 3D model, and take the time you need focusing on the details, before move to the next room.

Missiles Expo VR has been designed to be enjoyed standing up, moving around using the touch controllers, but you can also take a seated position and, if you want, use mouse and keyboard to navigate throught the twelve rooms.
Currently developing applications is only an hobby for me, and I already have a life and a fulltime job that takes me a lot of time, but I really hope that there will be an interest, so I will feel motiovated to expand this project in the future, because I really think it's amazing, so please feel free to contact me for any feedback.

Why I've created Missiles Expo?

I started studying 3D modelling many years ago, only as an hobby, because I live in a small village in the Italian Alps, and there are not too many things to do. And yes, also because I'm a geek Year after year the passion has started to fade away, I grew up and I started working. My workstation has always been a decent game PC, that is not enough powerful if you need to render complex scenes in the traditional way.
Screenshot 03: Missiles Expo VR - V1 Bomb I would have loved to create animations, but every single frame took many minutes to render, and there are thousand of frames in an animation. After every small adjustment I had to render it again and again, and it has been so much frustrating that I gave up, doing completely different things to spend my free time.

In the Christmas of 2017 I bought my first Oculus Rift, a smoke smelly used one, not even a commercial version, but the DK2 model. It was only a developer product, but I felt in love.
I was amazed from such an immersive experience, so my brain has begun to wander to the good old times, when my passion was 3D modeling. Ohoohhh, what a wonderful experience would have been with an Oculus Rift. And you know... As every childhood love, before or then, you will fall again, so I reinstalled Blender, that is an amazing free 3D software.

Screenshot 04: Missiles Expo VR - R7 Soyuz

Times have changed, and now extremely powerful tools are freely available to everyone. I'm talking about the Unreal Engine, that is a realtime engine, it means that you don't have to wait hours to see the result of your messing around, now I was able to see in realtime what I was doing. Amazing.
The only problem was that I was still able to 3D model, but I had no idea how unreal engine work, so I started to learn from the simple things, and it took a lot of time because, as I said before, I have a fulltime job, friends, and other things to do. A year passed and I was still into my new hobby, the prices lowered, so I decided to buy the Oculus Rift again, but this time a perfumed new CV1.

I don't remember exactly when and why, but a day an idea popped in my head: How big is the Saturn 5? If you don't know what it is, it's the rocket that has bring the man on the moon, the largest missile ever built by mankind. I created a cylinder, I gave it the exact measure, then I opened it in Unreal Engine. When I wore the Oculus Rift my jaw dropped, it was so huge.

That day I decided that I had to create Missiles Expo VR.

Disclaimer: I know, downloading a .exe from untrusted websites file could be a bad idea, but I swear it's clean. The reason why it's a .exe is that I had to create an installer because is mandatory, in Unreal engine applications, make users accept the terms of services. Create a .exe installer is the ony way I know to do it.
Even if I'd released a .zip version, the main file of Missiles Expo has to be an .exe in order to be executable, so the problem would've been the same. There's nothing I can do to to make you believe me. You can scan the installer, it will result clean, simply because it's clean. There's nothing more I can do to make you believe me than write this, I simply Hope you'll trust me.

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