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A short biography of Mora twins

In this page you can read a short bio of me and my brother. We are twins, and we both are "addicted" to technology. We have born on November 1983 in the north of Italy, in the Alps. The Alps are the mountains that divide Italy from Austria, at least in the part where we live, and this specific part is known as Dolomites, and believe me when I say that Dolomites are wonderful. If you are born in a little village in the italian Alps there is not a lot of things to do, you know, it's not a big city.
This leaves you a lot of time to do what you like, and we like computers.

Marco is more "creative", he loves to develop websites (and VR experiences), but he is really interested in the creation process. He can stay hours and hours in front of the pc, trying to understand how to do something, but he lose the focus when he has to keep things alive after the first energy sprint. He is the person behind Mora-byte and Missiles Expo in this first version.
Andrea is more "pratical", he is really good to keep concentrated for months or even years after a project has been released. He is still updating our tutorials website, and helps Marco to keep focused in the graphic and "artistic" part, working behind the scenes to provide the content, and also to help Marco to "keep going", instead of doing something else, leaving every project as a draft.

Our story in the world of technology started many years ago, when we were kids we always used our friends computer, but it really begin when our father brought us our first PC, a Pentium 166Mhz. Even if we were young and we understood nothing about computer, we've always prefered to try to fix it by ourself, losing a countless amount of time to understand how it worked, at least enough to use it without asking anybody to fix it for us, and so it has been since now. Now we both work in a shop where we provide electronic assistance for smartphones and sometimes computers. We also give some suggestions and consultings to people in struggle with technology. We were webmaster way before the social networks, when internet was still "1.0" and Google didn't exist, we had a tiny website of funny junk hosted on Altavista. Now we are the webmaster of a free italian website with three millions of views (mora-foto.it), that provides free tutorials for Gimp and photography and some other software. We also tried to translate it in english, but it had not so much success: we were too late.
In the meanwhile Marco begun to waste some of its time with 3d modeling and thing after thing we came up with this project. It's nothing special, but we are proud of it. It could be better, but now we have new ideas for a website and we are working on new content for it, so Missiles Expo will be "on hold" for a while, maybe forever, who knows.
Our new website is about the place where we live, that is a famous touristic resort called Cortina d'Ampezzo. The website is called CiaoCortina: travel guides & travel information about Cortina d'Ampezzo and its sorroundings.

We are not in the mood to post pictures and other personal stuff: we are not "social network people", and so... The End.

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