The website of my Virtual Reality project

Hi, my name is Marco Mora, welcome to my website. I'm Italian, and I'm also a technology enthusiast. In the last months I've worked on a VR experience for Virtual Reality Headsets called Missiles Expo VR. This is my first finished VR Project, but I really hope that I will be able to create more and more VR experiences in the future.

I love to create websites with only a NotePad, I love 3d modeling, I love Virtual Reality. In fact I've been a geek for all my life, but I want to be short on this, because, if you are interested, here you can read the page about me, my twin, and my story.


Missiles Expo Main Entrance. Low-level anti-ship missile. V1, The flying bomb. R7 rocket family, Soyuz.

Currently Missiles Expo VR is finished, but not yet released. It's waiting for the technical and content review in the most famous store of virtual reality applications. Once released feel free to send me any advice or feedback about Missiles Expo VR, it would be amazing to hear what you think.

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